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WATCH: Michael Cohen Tells MSNBC Rudy Giuliani is “Drunk All The Time”

WATCH: Michael Cohen Tells MSNBC Rudy Giuliani is “Drunk All The Time”

Donald Trump doesn’t have many people who have been with him since the start of his campaign. I mean, there are his children, but they don’t have much of a choice. Rudy Giuliani, though, has championed the president from the early days of his political career.

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And Trump returns to affection to Giuliani by allowing him to remain in his circle even though the lawyer isn’t particularly helpful. Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen explained the root cause of Giuliani’s incompetence to MSNBC on Friday. He told host Ari Melber that the former New York City Mayor is, “drunk all the time.”

The host and Cohen were discussing the recent Hunter Biden story, which is being pushed by Giuliani and the New York Post. The FBI is currently investigating is the story is being fed to Giuliani by the Russians.

Cohen told Melber, “Trump speaks and behaves like the mob boss and this is what he’s doing. He’s using his soldier, but the problem here is that Rudy isn’t a soldier. Rudy is — Rudy is drunk all the time, which is a big problem and that’s what makes him susceptible because his faculties are gone. He behaves crazy.”

Melber asked the former Trump lawyer if this is an opinion or an observation. Cohen answered, “No, no, I’ve seen him drink to the point like he’s a high school drunk. And it makes him susceptible. He takes the information that he gets and provides it to the president and simply because Rudy — who used to be considered, you know, I mean, a real litigator and he was considered to be America’s Mayor — he’s now really just a joke. And he takes it right back to Trump and Trump listens to it.”

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