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WATCH: Michael Cohen Spills On How Trump Privately Mocked Rudy Giuliani & Makes A Prediction

WATCH: Michael Cohen Spills On How Trump Privately Mocked Rudy Giuliani & Makes A Prediction

Rudy Giuliani could have as much to fear from the January 6th Committee as Donald Trump does, according to Michael Cohen’s analysis. Cohen, who was Trump’s personal attorney until he was sentenced to prison for lying to Congress to cover for the then-president, believes Giuliani, who replaced him in that role, will be “thrown under the bus” for his role in attempts to overturn the election.

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Cohen has been sharing his inside information and insights about Donald Trump, his family, and his administration since he was released from prison and began writing a book about his experiences. Now, he’s giving the Trump Insider view on the January 6th Committee proceedings, including what he knows about Bill Barr, Rudy Giuliani, and the Trump team’s relationships behind the scenes.

Language warning for the video below, as it contains Michael Cohen speaking.

Among other things, Cohen says that Giuliani’s affinity for alcohol was known — or, more specifically, he calls the former NYC mayor “Rudy Colludey the drunken Giuliani” and declares “the most dangerous place to ever be is between Rudy and a free bottle of wine or scotch.”

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Aside from that, he shares that Trump did not like Giuliani, and privately made fun of him, and reiterates what he’s said over and over — just as Trump let Cohen suffer the consequences for crimes committed to protect Trump, he’ll do the same to Giuliani.

“You could all Google this one. Just type in, like, ‘Michael Cohen Rudy Giuliani under the bus,’ and you will see how many times I have stated that Donald trump is going to throw Rudy Colludey Giuliani under the bus, and he won’t think twice about it.”

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