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[WATCH] Michael Cohen Says Peter Navarro Will Go to Prison Over ‘Terrible Mistake’

[WATCH] Michael Cohen Says Peter Navarro Will Go to Prison Over ‘Terrible Mistake’

Michael Cohen, whose years of loyalty to Donald Trump as his personal lawyer/fixer got him nothing more than a prison sentence over hush money payments, understands what Peter Navarro is going through at the moment. And he knows it’s a “terrible mistake.”

“Seriously, what are you thinking?” Cohen asked rhetorically of Navarro while appearing on “The Beat with Ari Melber.” Cohen said he hoped Trump’s former trade advisor, who’s gone full QAnon Ultra Dark MAGA, was watching and then warned him he shouldn’t be throwing his life away over Trump, who certainly wouldn’t take the fall for anyone else.

Michael Cohen says Donald Trump called 15yo "piece of ass"
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Cohen, who served out the remainder of his prison sentence under house arrest during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, spoke from his own experience when describing prison. “It’s terrible. Removed from your family and friends. They destroy your name, your reputation. All for who? All for what? For Donald Trump? For democracy?”

Cohen tried the tactic of shaming Navarro, but like all other remaining members of Cult 45, it’s only going to fall on willfully obtuse deaf ears because you can’t shame the shameless. “What legacy do you want to leave to your children, grandchildren, and God willing, great-grandchildren?” mused Cohen. “Not the legacy you’re leaving now. Which he looks like a fool. Oh, my God. Went ahead, and picked me up at the airport. It’s unconstitutional. First of all, Peter Navarro is not a lawyer. I don’t think he understands. He has a Ph.D. in economics. Stick to what he knows. What he’s saying now makes him look stupid.”

To be fair, Navarro was also a terrible economist. Watch the full segment, below.

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