WATCH: Michael Cohen Predicts Trump Will Have a Meltdown While Testifying Today

Donald Trump has never liked to be asked hard questions. There's a reason he avoids most debates and only conducts interviews on cable networks that are friendly to him. 

The courtroom doesn't offer him those options. And any skilled prosecutor shouldn't have too difficult a time in making the former President explode with anger. That is what Michael Cohen is predicting will happen on Monday. 

During a spot on CNN, host Phil Mattingly asked the former Trump lawyer, "I want to start with what we heard from Anthony Scaramucci last hour. He predicted that Trump would be calm, cool, collected, stay within the normal bounds of things on the witness stand. What do you think? You spent more time with him over a lengthy period of time than anything."

Cohen responded:

"I don't think the same way as Anthony does. At the beginning, he's going to try. He's going to try very hard to stay within the lane, because he already knows that he's — he and the judge don't clearly see eye-to-eye, so he'll try to stay in the lane, but as the prosecutors continue to drill down on him with information and with allegations that he overinflated his net worth by billions, that's going to irritate him. Because his net worth, his statement of financial condition, it's really a combination of his id, his ego, his superego, all mashed into one narcissistic sociopath."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN: