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WATCH: Michael Cohen On Andrew Giuliani: “Even Dumber Than Eric Trump”

WATCH: Michael Cohen On Andrew Giuliani: “Even Dumber Than Eric Trump”

Andrew Giuliani, the son of former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, is running for the office of Governor of the state of New York. Michael Cohen, who the senior Giuliani replaced as personal attorney to then-President Donald Trump, isn’t buying it, and because he’s been in social circles with the candidate, is sharing what he knows to keep anyone else from buying it, either.

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Cohen is openly disparaging of Andrew Giuliani, who he has consistently described as a person of low intelligence. On the Meidas Touch podcast, he was asked to rank exactly how stupid Trump’s adult sons, Eric, Donald Jr., are alongside the younger Giuliani, which he did, disagreeing with Mary Trump (niece of the former president) that Don Jr. is the dumbest. Instead, he labels Ivanka as the most fake, Eric as the least intelligent, and Don Jr. as lacking confidence thanks to his dad’s constant berating.

However, none of them compares to Andrew Giuliani, according to Cohen.

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“And then there’s Andrew Giuliani. Andrew makes Eric look like a valedictorian at Harvard. If I’m not mistaken, Andrew even failed Trump University, that’s to give you an idea of just how stupid he is.”

Cohen recently referenced Giuliani when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live as well, saying that he didn’t exactly socialize with Giuliani, who he last remembers interacting with when Giuliani was giving golf lessons at one of Trump’s clubs. Cohen laughed about Andrew’s ire at his father’s recent legal consequences and his aspiration to run for Governor of New York.

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