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WATCH: Michael Cohen Lists Trumps Who He Believes Could Be Criminally Culpable

WATCH: Michael Cohen Lists Trumps Who He Believes Could Be Criminally Culpable

Donald Trump could be in trouble as prosecutors in New York hone in on a target in their probe of his alleged financial schemes. According to former fixer Michael Cohen, more indictments are coming, and he has some ideas about who could be involved.

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The Washington Post reported Monday that the New York Attorney General’s office is narrowing their probe of Trump’s business practices, appearing to focus on four properties that were valued at very different amounts, depending on who the appraisals were for. These include a building in Manhattan that the Trump Org listed as worth $527 million on a document to be seen by lenders, and only $16.7 million on tax documents, and a golf course in California, where he reported to tax assessors that a 17-acre parcel was worth $900k — only to value it at $25 million when applying to use it as an easement for tax deduction purposes.

Michael Cohen, who previously alerted authorities to Trump’s purported practice of using misleading real estate values to dodge tax bills and gain benefits he would not have otherwise been entitled to, says that more indictments can be expected.

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While Cohen, who has been in multiple meetings with prosecutors in the New York D.A.’s office, can’t make any official statements about who will face charges, he doesn’t mind speculating and sharing information about who else was involved in the practice, during his own time working with Trump. He names off Eric Trump, Allen Weisselberg, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and finishes with, “There was a slew of people.”

The Trump Organization and Weisselberg have both been indicted for financial schemes, but so far none of the other people Cohen names has been charged.

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