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WATCH: Michael Cohen Gleefully Rips Mark Meadows as “The Dumbest A**hole on the Hill”

WATCH: Michael Cohen Gleefully Rips Mark Meadows as “The Dumbest A**hole on the Hill”

At the start of his presidency, Donald Trump had some capable people working for him. Over time, though, all of those people had left his administration. And by the end of his term, Trump was scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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The last Chief of Staff under the former president was Mark Meadows. Meadows has been in the news plenty lately. While he remains loyal to his former boss, the former staffer wrote a book with many embarrassing stories. And congress recently got their hands on his text messages from the day of the insurrection. During a Sunday appearance on MSNBC, Michael Cohen slammed into Meadows.

“I’ve been very vocal about Mark Meadows for a multitude of reasons,” the former Trump lawyer told Lindsey Reiser. “First and foremost, as I continue to say, I think Mark Meadows is the dumbest a-hole on the Hill, to be very honest with you.”

Cohen continued:

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“Not only does this dope go and put out a book, now he’s trying to claim the rights of the 5th amendment against self-incrimination. Hey stupid? You put out a book, they now have the right to ask you about things like that. That was his first mistake. The second, and this is something that I constantly look at and I think about when I see the nonsense that goes on in the inner circle, considering I was there at one point and at the top of the heap. I’m watching and I’m seeing these 9,000 texts, emails from who to who to who, and I wonder, I know for a fact that there are more, but what I wonder is why these 9,000?”

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