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WATCH: Michael Cohen Explains Why Everyone At Trump Org Will ‘Flip’ On Trump

WATCH: Michael Cohen Explains Why Everyone At Trump Org Will ‘Flip’ On Trump

Michael Cohen probably hasn’t spoken to Donald Trump in a while, but he still has contacts within the Trump Organization, and he’s familiar with the inner workings. Thanks to his own experience, he’s also very familiar with how a criminal investigation goes. Now he’s sharing why he believes it all adds up to everyone who works for Trump spilling it all to investigators.

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According to Cohen, one key function of Trump Org is that everyone there lies for Trump. Now, prosecutors are closing in and putting pressure on top execs, such as Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg. Cohen believes that the testimony of other Trump Organization employees will force Weisselberg’s hand.

In the clip from MSNBC‘s All In, Cohen explains that once investigators start putting on the pressure, some employees are going to start telling the truth, and as that happens, the pressure will increase on others to do the same. If Weisselberg tries to “clam up,” Cohen says, “It’s not going to work. Because everybody around you is going to be forced to tell the truth.”

The full interview at MSNBC is here.

Cohen has been calling for more investigations into Trump’s alleged crimes, including the hush money payments that Cohen made on his behalf, and weaponization of the Department of Justice to attack and intimidate news reporters.

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He has predicted that indictments for Trump could come in the next few months, and seems to feel confident that the probes are going to take down not only Trump, but Rudy Giuliani and other (alleged) co-conspirators.

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