WATCH: Michael Cohen Explains Why Donald Trump Won't Testify This Week

Despite lots of evidence to the contrary, Donald Trump always feels like he is the smartest person in the room. As such, he normally hints that he will testify in his trials and turn things his way. But any smart lawyer knows that if the former President talks, he will do more harm than good. 

Michael Cohen certainly knows that. Cohen served as Trump's attorney for more than 20 years. During an appearance on MSNBC this weekend, he explained why Trump wouldn't be taking the stand in his hush-money case. 

The former Trump lawyer began, "First of all, he has to be there as a criminal defendant — he has to be there that is part of the process. But, the likelihood of Donald Trump being on the stand is equal to the likelihood of me waking up tomorrow 7'6" and playing center for the New York Knicks, it is not going to happen."

Cohen continued:

"How many times have we heard the same story again and again and again that, you know, 'I want to testify. Absolutely I'm going to. I'm going to tell the truth.' The one thing that, you know, every time Donald opens his mouth, you know that something non-truthful is coming out of it."

The former lawyer closed, "He's not a good witness, he's not going to take the stand. I hope that I'm wrong because I think that would be classic for America to be able to see Donald Trump on the witness stand trying to defend himself in a case that is indefensible."