WATCH: Michael Cohen Explains How 'Stupid' Eric Trump Fell Into Fraud Trap

During a recent appearance on Ali Velshi's MSNBC show, Michael Cohen explained how Eric Trump fell into the trap that New York prosecutors set for him. 

This week, the two oldest Trump sons, Donald Jr. and Eric testified in the fraud case against the Trump Organization. Don Jr. was relaxed and answered the majority of questions he was asked. Eric, on the other hand, was more like his father, aggressive and combative. 

Michael Cohen, who worked for Donald Trump for several years, knows both sons well. "You know, Don Junior and Eric lied under oath," he told Velshi. "In fact, all they are doing is emulating their father who was put on the stand by Judge Engoron in regard to statements that he made outside the courtroom about the judge's law clerk, claiming it was me."

The former Trump lawyer continued:

"I mean, the guy lies the way that you breathe, and the kids are doing the same thing — how stupid do they have to be? It is sad to stay, how stupid do you have to be when you are Eric Trump, for example, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, and you claim all you really do is, you know, you pour concrete?"

Cohen was also alarmed by the Trump sons seemingly thinking prosecutors wouldn't have evidence of their claims. "And the emails," he exclaimed. "Did they not think that the government had the emails? Did they not think they were going to show it to them? They think this is some sort of a joke?