WATCH: Melania Tells Packed, Maskless Crowd, “It’s Time to Start Gathering at a Safe Distance”

It can be really useful for a campaign to have a well liked spouse talk to supporters in states the candidate might not be able to get to. For example, the Biden campaign recently dispatched Jill Biden to increasingly competitive Texas.

Melania Mask
[Image via Melania Trump/Twitter]
Melania Trump is a bit different. She has not been anywhere near as active as other First Lady’s. And when she tries to do political things, they normally end up controversial. Like the time her Republican National Convention speech plagiarized large portions of a Michelle Obama speech. Or the idea that her charitable campaign would be focused on stopping bullying.

Still, the Trump campaign seems to think that she somewhat humanizes her husband. So she joined him on stage during a Thursday rally in Florida. She unironically told the maskless, packed crowd that it is time to get together again safely.

Obviously, the crowd was ignoring any and all safety protocols. Still, the First Lady told them, “This president & his team are focused on not only destroying the virus & building back the economy, they are focused on creating ways for people to safely stop isolating & safely start gathering with friends again on safe distances.”

Melania Trump later said at the rally, “In a time when hate, negativity, & fear are the messages the media streams into our homes & the large tech companies are protecting political censorship, we need to remember what is really important: my husband’s administration is focused on the future.”

Watch a clip of the statements below:

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