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[WATCH] MeidasTouch Presents ‘#StopTeamQ’

[WATCH] MeidasTouch Presents ‘#StopTeamQ’

With permission from MeidasTouch, we are proud to bring you their newest video. This is not a news story. It is a video commentary and a powerful statement, directly from their website. We will bring you their videos regularly, as they produce them.-BDG

Sickos! Loeffler and Perdue used Georgia to play the stock market and line their pockets with insider information instead of actually doing their jobs. They have taken advantage of the trust given to them by Georgians and have spit in the face of each of their constituents. Spit, spit and spit again!

But what makes these sickos Loeffler and Perdue reach even new depths of devilishness, literally, is their support of domestic terrorist groups like QAnon. Let’s be clear. The Loeffler and Perdue ticket supports domestic terrorism through their welcoming of QAnon endorsements and their failure to condemn the group labeled as terrorists by the FBI.

Looting Loeffler gladly accepted the endorsement of QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene. Perhaps “gladly” is an understatement. Looting Loeffler seemed so pleased with the endorsement it raises questions if Loeffler herself might be Q.

In any event, Georgia and America are sick and tired of psycho terrorist groups like QAnon bringing chaos and violence to our cities, to our neighborhoods and to our suburbs. The videos of crazy and violent Q followers in caravans resembling ISIS should give every American the chills!

We don’t need Georgia to become what Raqqa was for ISIS but with the Loeffler and Perdue ticket in charge, also known as TeamQ, it is a very real possibility!

Loeffler and Perdue, aka TeamQ, must go! And they must go now!!!!

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MeidasTouch is a progressive Democratic PAC founded by three brothers, all lifelong Democrats, Ben Meiselas (35), Brett Meiselas (30), and Jordan Meiselas (27)  during the quarantine.  Ben is an accomplished civil rights litigator, entertainment dealmaker, and nonprofit leader. Brett is an Emmy Award-winning video editor, and Jordan is a marketing supervisor. MeidasTouch has produced over 40 videos in the past three months averaging approximately 1.5 million views each.

Some of the most popular videos include ByeIvanka (8.4 million views), #VoteOutHate (7.5 million views), The Snake (5.8 million views), and Freds Failure (3.5 million views). In addition to MeidasTouch.com, the group owns the domains MAGA2020.com and FredsFailure.com.  Although it was only recently formed, MeidasTouch has amassed among the largest and most engaged followings of any PAC and has become one of the most powerful grassroots movements across all platforms this election cycle. Their efforts have been lauded for having been a force that helped to defeat Donald J. Trump.


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