[WATCH] MeidasTouch & Bette Midler Unite Again to Release New Video Ad

Iconic Singer Links with MeidasTouch to Release Hard-Hitting Mary Poppins-Themed Song Blasting GOP 

LOS ANGELES, CA — Today, MeidasTouch, a leading progressive Super PAC, unveiled a powerful new video ad featuring a song from singer and actress Bette Midler.

The video, titled ‘GOP’s-A-Cult-For-Scammers-Liars-Thugs-And-Traitors’ features a Mary Poppins-themed song written by Bette Midler that excoriates Republican elected officials and media figures for their lies about the 2020 election, as well as other deranged lies and conspiracies.
To see “GOP’s-A-Cult-For-Scammers-Liars-Thugs-And-Traitors”, click on the link below:

In a statement released following the unveiling of the hard-hitting ad, Brett Meiselas, one of the founders of the PAC, stated:

“There’s a new, disturbing scandal coming out of the treasonous and conspiratorial GOP every day. From traitors like Rep. Jim Jordan protecting child molesters to lying white supremacist sympathizer Tucker Carlson, Republican elected officials and FOX News propagandists have been pushing the Big Lie to protect their tarnished reputations and prevent millions from exercising their constitutional right to vote. We have to protect our democracy, stand up to these bullies and embrace a better future for all Americans.”

MeidasTouch is a progressive Democratic PAC founded by three brothers, all lifelong Democrats, Ben Meiselas (35), Brett Meiselas (30), and Jordy Meiselas (27) during the quarantine.  Ben is an accomplished civil rights litigator, entertainment dealmaker, and nonprofit leader. Brett is an Emmy Award-winning video editor, and Jordy is an award-winning marketing supervisor. MeidasTouch produced over 200 videos during the 2020 election which have been viewed more than half a billion times and continued their efforts in Georgia with the same success. MeidasTouch has revolutionized political ad making and campaigns for the digital age and has amassed a following larger than any political action committee in the country.


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