[WATCH] Meidas Touch & Noel Casler on “Diaper Don”

You know it’s still 2020 when #DiaperDon is trending #1 the day after Thanksgiving. The lame duck appeared before the press on Thanksgiving night for no real reason, sitting at the world’s smallest desk with a rather large side profile that prompted Twitter’s PhotoShop masters to create memes that will live on long after Trump’s prosecutions in New York State have ended. Trump also chastised a reporter for daring to ask a question about him accepting an Electoral College win for Joe Biden.

Comedian Noel Casler helped to end the speculation regarding Trump’s odd seating posture by teaming up with Meidas Touch, aka the Brothers Meiselas, known for their viral anti-Trump videos. Casler famously worked on Trump’s reality show The Apprentice, and has never once been reprimanded by his former boss no matter how shocking his revelations may be. Trump will go to any lengths to make himself look good, but despite Casler has sharing inside knowledge on everything from Trump’s Adderall use to his adult children’s behavior, the Trump camp remains silent.

Sometimes, no answer is the answer.

But when Twitter asks questions like “What am I looking at and why can’t I unsee it?”, Noel Casler is here to help us through it.

It’s important to acknowledge that incontinence is something that affects millions of Americans for various reasons, and is truly not something to ridicule. However, when the vainest person to ever illegitimately squat in our White House is wearing a girdle over an adult diaper and then wears an ill-fitting suit to attempt to cover it while throwing a tantrum at reporters on camera, he is an isolated exception.

Listen to Noel Casler explain it all, below.

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