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[WATCH] Meidas Touch: Indictments Likely In Matt Gaetz Sex Trafficking Case After Ex-GF’s Testimony

[WATCH] Meidas Touch: Indictments Likely In Matt Gaetz Sex Trafficking Case After Ex-GF’s Testimony

Matt Gaetz sex trafficker endorsement

Karma has seemingly caught up with Rep. Matt “Captain Venmo” Gaetz, and this time he won’t be able to send secret hush payments to make her go away like he did with his (alleged, but come on) teenage victims.

Matty Fivehead’s ex-girlfriend testified on Wednesday in the sex trafficking case against him in Florida, and aside from Twitter rejoicing over that (we’ll get to that momentarily), it’s clear time is running out for the Florida Man.

[Photo by Greg Nash-Pool/Getty Images]
The investigation into Gaetz has been going on for a while now with the full cooperation of his literal partner in crime, Joel Greenberg. Meanwhile, Gaetz quickly got married to the always-terrified Ginger Luckey, probably because he thought being legally wed to his human shield would protect him from her testifying for the prosecution (she can’t be compelled, Drunky, but she can and should testify voluntarily, and preferably on live television).

Also, as hard as I’ve tried, the MSM still hasn’t picked up on the fact that Matt Gaetz is such a small and scared excuse for a human male that he actually tried to use me as a scapegoat. After I did the inexcusable–I wrote a true story about Matt Gaetz doing and saying things I actually witnessed for myself in my own district–Gaetz did an entire segment of his “Firebrand” podcast about lil’ ol’ me. And then his followers took his words literally and found me, not just online, but where I actually live in real life. And literally no one has done a damn thing about it, because why protect women in the media who write the truth about an entire party looking to eliminate the press? I’m not a member of Congress, so it’s okay for him to do this to an American citizen from his official government Twitter account.

But ANYWAY, it seems like Rep. Butthead is heading for new digs, with the kind of bars he can’t stagger out of and then get a DUI for his dad to disappear for him. Twitter amped up the schadenfreude, because sharing is caring.

Watch our pals at Meidas Touch gleefully share why Gaetz’s time freely breathing that cocaine-tinged Florida swamp air is rapidly coming to an end, just like his relationship with his ex-girlfriend did.


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