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[WATCH] Mehdi Hasan Is All Of Us Asking ‘How On Earth Is Ted Cruz Still in the Senate?’

[WATCH] Mehdi Hasan Is All Of Us Asking ‘How On Earth Is Ted Cruz Still in the Senate?’

Ted Cruz is the worst, right? On this, we can all agree, even most Republicans. The guy pretended to defend his wife and father to Donald Trump and then became his lapdog without receiving an apology. He ditched his constituents during a devastating winter storm, then blamed it on his daughters. He pushed to overturn the 2020 President before and after the events of January 6th. Literally, no one likes Ted Cruz.

So, Mehdi Hasan asks as our collective voice, how is Ted Cruz still in the Senate when the January 6th House Select Committee is extremely interested in his involvement? How has he not been investigated, not even after everyone saw the video of the MAGA rioters at the Senate podium pawing through papers and saying, “Oh yeah, Ted Cruz will love this”?

Rioters credit Ted Cruz with their attack
[Photo by Sergio Flores/Getty Images]
I’d also add, who are the people still voting for Ted Cruz, which is another rhetorical question about Ted Cruz when he always disappoints everyone? He’s the guy who pretended to care about dead kids in Uvalde while never voting for stricter gun legislation. He’s the vile gun shill loser who tweeted about his “ridiculously fun day” while Uvalde parents buried their children, some of whom hadn’t yet reached double digits in age. He’s the smarmy slimy Trumppet who’ll never come across as sincere because it’s physically impossible for him to be anything except what he is. Which is THE WORST.

All kidding aside, HOWWWWW is Ted Cruz still in the Senate if he’s so unpopular and also a criminal? Channel your frustration along with Mehdi, kids. He even brought it the man behind the best quote ever about Ted Cruz: Al Franken, who said, “I like Ted Cruz more than most people, and I hate Ted Cruz.”

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