WATCH: Megyn Kelly Tells Newsmax That Trump is Still Really Mad at Her

Once one of the biggest figures in cable news, Megyn Kelly is now a radio and podcast host. If anything she has become more Conservative since leaving Fox News and that includes regularly carrying water for the misdeeds of Donald Trump. 

The feeling might not be mutual. When Trump first came onto the political scene, Kelly was willing to ask him difficult questions. And there is nothing that Trump hates more than being asked tough questions. Kelly recently talked about her relationship with the former President during an interview with Newsmax's Eric Bolling. 

Kelly told the host of an interview she conducted with Trump, "There was a contentious part about the criminal cases, and there were lovely parts too, you know, but Trump, he kind of wants it all to be lovely."

The former Fox anchor continued:

"He doesn’t want any contention, even though that works, you know, in terms of getting eyeballs to the interview, which is what he really likes. And since then he, I don’t know, he’s kind of gone on the attack against me a couple times publicly. He’s still really mad about that debate question, so not sure he’s gonna come on anytime soon."

When Bolling asked Kelly if she thinks Trump still feels like way she noted, "I think so He brings it up a lot."