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WATCH: Megyn Kelly Likens Gender-Affirming Care to Conversion Therapy

WATCH: Megyn Kelly Likens Gender-Affirming Care to Conversion Therapy

Megyn Kelly was once one of the most prominent newspeople in the country. She left Fox News, though, to try and o actual reporting at NBC. That ended horribly.

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After a major payout, Kelly took a bit of a break. Today, she hosts a show on Sirius radio and also makes appearances on networks like Newsmax. During one of these recent appearances, she compared gender-affirming care to conversion therapy.

Kelly was angered by a recent Fox segment that painted a transgender teen in a positive light. She told Newsmax viewers:

“And it is irresponsible to put it on the air like this as a celebration, without flagging for the parents out there who are going through this the significant downsides of jumping onto this without making sure you’re in that very, very small percentage of cases where this might — this gender dysphoria — might actually be a thing. And the, you know the trope of I’d rather have a dead, you know, daughter than a live son or the other way around, and it’s like — that’s a very dangerous trope because this is used by the LGBTQ activists to shame parents who know about that 70 percent statistic. That generally if I stay out of it, my kid’s going to outgrow this.”

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The former Fox News anchor continued, “And in many cases, they just turned out to be gay. And it’s like, this is a weird form of conversion therapy by default. And so to not flag the significant downsides of what happens to these kids when they’re put on puberty blockers, when they’re put on cross-gender hormones — by the way, when that’s done to girls, they’re sterile, they can’t have children anymore, and you can go down the list.”


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