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WATCH: Meghan McCain Storms off Stage During View Argument Over Trump Whistleblower

WATCH: Meghan McCain Storms off Stage During View Argument Over Trump Whistleblower

The ABC show, The View, is meant to bring the latest news to their audiences from the perspective of diverse co-hosts. One of those co-hosts is the daughter of long-time Arizona Senator John McCain, Meghan McCain. Often clashing against her co-hosts and the studio audience, McCain finds herself in frequent arguments.

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On today’s show, the panel discussed the Trump whistle blower controversy with conservative pundit, Ana Navarro. After a contentious exchange with the Navarro, an angry McCain stormed off the panel and into the back of the set.

McCain made the argument that the unnamed whistle blower is similar to Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks. She said to the panel, “I think all interference from a foreign country in our election — all of it — is bad and should be condemned. And you can’t play party politics with this, and there’s a lot of people on the left who are doing that with Julian Assange.”

Navarro responded, “I have a problem with both. But what I see as the difference though — if we don’t talk about it, and I think if there is no public pressure, they’d like for it to go away.”

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After a back and forth with McCain, Navarro remarked, “I’m talking about the administration! ’m talking about sending Rudy Giuliani out to distract us! I’m talking about telling us yesterday … Stephen Miller is actually dating a human being and not an inflatable. To distract us.”

After a bit more arguing, Navarro said something McCain couldn’t hear and the conservative host asked her to speak up. The guest replied, “I said, don’t scream at me. I’m two feet away!”

The prompted McCain to storm off the set. She later rejoined the panel after a commercial break.

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