WATCH: Meghan McCain Says the Media Has to be More Respectful of Trump Voters

The hosts of ABC’s The View mostly hold Liberal points of view. So the real fireworks from the show come from arguments with Conservative Meghan McCain.

Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

McCain has been on hiatus from the show after the birth of her first child. And the show has been mostly subdued since then.

The host wasted no time creating fireworks in her first show back today. McCain told the other panelists that the media needs to be “more respectful of Trump voters.”

McCain was upset at her co-hosts using the word coup while discussing Donald Trump’s attempted coup. “There’s not going to be martial law, and things like that just scare people,” she said.

The Conservative talking head continued, “The media needs to be more respectful of Trump voters, and I think that’s how we got to this place to begin with. And going forward in 2021, I think that we need to be respectful of the 70 million Americans that for whatever reason did not feel that they could in good faith, pull the trigger for President [Joe] Biden and Vice President [Kamala] Harris.”

Co-host Joy Behar responded that most of his voters aren’t getting their information from legitimate sources.

“No, I think that’s fake news, I’m sorry!” McCain shot back. “I know people that quietly voted for Trump, that didn’t want to be shamed. That don’t want to be yelled at, that don’t want to be called racist. And [the election] should not have been this close.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of ABC:


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