WATCH: Meghan McCain Defends Marjorie Taylor Greene by Saying She’s No Different Than Ilhan Omar.

Each day on The View, Meghan McCain has to give the Conservative take. And she’s well versed in GOP talking points.

Screenshot/The View

On Monday, the topic of conversation was the anti-Semitic remarks made by Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor-Greene. The Conservative talking head tackled the topic with the tried and true Republican tactic of whataboutism.

McCain began the segment by saying, “I can’t stand Marjorie Taylor Greene. I think she’s a crazy person. I’ve said that over and over again. But she has been stripped of her committee assignments and has no legislative power whatsoever. No juxtapose that with when Ilhan Omar said that Jewish people had hypnotized the world and it was all about the benjamins. She’s still on the foreign relations committee. What do you expect Republicans to do?”

Shortly after her comments, Whoopi Goldberg cut to a commercial. An angered McCain responded by yelling about being cut off. When the show resumed, McCain went after all her co-hosts. Joy Behar and the Conservative pundit got into a argument after McCain accused her of not caring about all anti-Semitism.

After Behar responded that she resents the remark, McCain shot back, “Well, I resent a lot of things. So, we’re even.” Behar then responded, “I’ve been talking about anti-Semitism on this show for 25 freakin’ years, Meghan, so don’t tell me what I’m supposed to be saying.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of The View:


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