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WATCH: Meghan McCain Claims That Sarah Palin Was Set Up to Fail by Nicolle Wallace

WATCH: Meghan McCain Claims That Sarah Palin Was Set Up to Fail by Nicolle Wallace

While he went into the 2008 election season relatively unknown, Barack Obama started to pick up steam once American voters got to know him. Desperate to stop that momentum, John McCain’s team went outside the box for a running mate.

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Sarah Palin did give the campaign a boost for a small time. But as time went on, she proved to be monstrously unqualified to be the vice president. It was later reported that McCain regretted the choice and Palin was asked to stay away from his funeral.

For some reason, however, Meghan McCain wants to see Palin’s reputation restored. During a Tuesday night appearance on Fox news, the former candidate’s daughter said the former Alaska governor was set up to fail.

McCain told Sean Hannity:

“I have a whole new lens of viewing how Sarah Palin was treated and how the people working for my father’s campaign really, you know, in my opinion, treated her really horribly, set her up for failure. I think when you’re seeing Katie Couric talk about how Ruth Bader Ginsburg is someone she helped look good, I thought, well obviously… and I thought that obviously she probably put Sarah Palin a position to look bad. And by the way, Nicolle Wallace was the person who facilitated that interview, who now has a show on MSNBC.”

The Daily Mail columnist continued, “I just really hope that the culture has some redemption for Sarah Palin in the same way that we have for so many other women right now.”

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