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WATCH: Megan McCain Loses It After Sunny Hostin Calls GOP The QAnon Party

WATCH: Megan McCain Loses It After Sunny Hostin Calls GOP The QAnon Party

This weekend, 43 Republican senators proved that they would let Donald Trump get away with pretty much anything. And the general consensus right now is that GOP has become the party of QAnon.

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Sunny Hostin, a co-host on The View voiced this opinion today on the show. This drew a furious reaction from Megan McCain, the token Conservative on the show.

Hostin described the GOP as the, “MAGA party, the QAnon party of the Confederate flag.” She continued, “We all saw Mitch McConnell — you’re the reason why the trial happened after President Trump left, because you refused to start the trial while he was in office, you can’t have it both ways. But that’s what he did and the Republican Party — shameful, shameful, shameful — stood and didn’t mind that police officers were murdered, didn’t mind that our democracy was attacked, didn’t mind any of that, and that’s what the Republican Party is today.”

McCain responded, “It’s easy to say that the Republican Party is only the party of QAnon and all these things. If that’s the truth, the Democratic Party is the party of socialism and cancel culture. You can burn down cities like Kenosha and it’s fine. These are broad-stroke platitudes. The thing that I worry about right now is that we’re not using our intrepid values to go forward and try to fight what’s still good in this country and as long as we go back and forth on this there will be no resolution.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of ABC:


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