WATCH: Medhi Hasan Predicts That if Trump is 2024 Nominee and GOP Holds House, They Won’t Certify a Democratic Victory

In nearly every election, there are more Democrats voting that Republicans. Democrats, in fact, have won the popular vote 7 of the last elections.

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Rather than trying to earn more votes, Republicans have used the electoral college to their advantage and added voter suppression measures in many of the states they control. Last year, the Post Office was sabotaged so voting by mail would be more difficult.

These measures all failed to get Donald Trump reelected in 2020. Mehdi Hasan thinks that they will now just resort to cheating. According to the MSNBC host, if Trump is the 2024 nominee, and Republicans hold the House, they will not vote to certify a Democratic victory.

Hasan played a clip of number 2 Republican Steve Scalise refusing to admit that Biden won in 2020. The host remarked, “We are in the midst of a rolling coup. Almost every day Republicans pass more voter suppression laws. They purge more and more election officials and they entrench the big lie that the election was stolen. Just check out this weekend.”

The host noted that Scalise is, “carefully foreshadowing what the GOP position is likely to be come 2024.”

Hasan closed, “The Republicans want to unilaterally decide who runs the country. It’s all about election subversion now. Mark my words: If Donald Trump is the 2024 Republican presidential nominee and Republicans control the House of Representatives, they will not certify a democratic victory in 2024.”

Watch a clip of the segment below:


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