WATCH: McEnany Unbelievably Says Trump’s Not Angry About Tulsa

It’s not hard to tell how Donald Trump is feeling about any particular issue. The President tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve and frequently lays himself bare to his Twitter followers.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

At this point, most Americans have grown to understand when Trump is upset. And it’s easy to think that after, perhaps, the most embarrassing moment in his Presidential term, Trump would be very upset. During today’s episode of Fox and Friends, however, press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed Trump isn’t upset at all.

Host Steve Doocy asked, “How angry was the president that there was just a sea of blue, empty chairs?”

McEnany shockingly said that the event was a hit. “The president was not angry at all,” she said. “The president was quite energized. I was with him after the rally. It was a huge success.”

A stunned Doocy pressed, “Kayleigh, you’re saying he was not furious? Because we’ve known Donald Trump — he was on this show every Monday for years. That guy, who used to be on our show, would have been furious that something went haywire.”

McEnany didn’t budge. “In my interactions with the president after the rally on Marine One with him — I checked in with him on Air Force One and he was in very good spirits,” she continued. “Spoke with him again about the rally yesterday, and it got rave reviews. His speech was very good.

Watch a clip of McEnany’s comments below, courtesy of Fox News:


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