WATCH: McEnany Says The Left Will Send People to Attack You if Their Candidates Lose

This past weekend was marked by videos of Trump supporters trying to exert their will over others. In New York and New Jersey, large caravans shut down major intersections and bridges. And in Texas, cars marked with Trump flags attempted to run a Biden campaign bus off the road.

Donald Trump on Jacob Blake, Kyle Rittenhouse
Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

But if you are someone who watches only Fox News, you probably didn’t see any of this. In fact, according to some on the network, it’s actually Liberals who are attacking people. On Monday’s Fox & Friends, Kayleigh McEnany warned that it Democrats lose on Tuesday, the “Left” will send out people to attack you.

Host Steve Doocy asked, “What does that say to you about the state of America in 2020 that if a certain candidate is elected or reelected, people are going to, you know, rather than vote to impact change, they’re going to try to break a window?”

McEnany responded, “Notice what those cities have in common: they are all Democrat cities. What are they saying with the boarding up and the civil unrest that they’re expecting? They’re saying if you don’t choose the left’s chosen candidate, we will send the Left out to attack you. That’s as close to extortion as you can get.”

The press secretary continued, “Joe Biden has the power to say stand down to the to mob.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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