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WATCH: McEnany Boasts That Trump Got 8% of 2016’s Black Vote

WATCH: McEnany Boasts That Trump Got 8% of 2016’s Black Vote

Donald Trump and Mitt Romney have long had a contentious relationship. The Utah senator was critical of Trump during the 2016 primaries. At one point, Trump interviewed Romney to be his Secretary of State, but that never came to pass.

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The relationship has continued to be difficult. Romney voted to convict Trump in the impeachment hearing. The Utah senator also became the first Republican lawmaker to be seen participating in a Black Lives Matter protest. This act led to Kayleigh McEnany bragging that Trump received 8% of the Black vote in 2016 compared to 2% for Romney in 2012.

The Press Secretary told reporters, “Mitt Romney can say three words outside on Pennsylvania Avenue, but I would note that President Trump won 8 percent of the black vote. Mitt Romney won 2 percent of the black vote.”

Not surprisingly, McEnany’s figures were wrong. The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake pointed out, “Romney actually took 6 percent — while running against an African American president — according to exit polls.”


Trump, himself, also couldn’t resist taking a shot at his frequent nemesis. The President tweeted on Monday morning, “Tremendous sincerity, what a guy. Hard to believe, with this kind of political talent, his numbers would “tank” so badly in Utah!”


Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of The Hill:

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