WATCH: Matt Gaetz Says He Wants To Be Donald Trump’s Attorney General Whether in 2021 or 2025

Donald Trump had two Attorney Generals during his time in office. And both AG’s had controversial runs. Jeff Sessions was rewarded with the position after being one of Trump’s earliest supporters. The president lost faith in the former Alabama senator, though, after he refused to shut down the Mueller investigation. Eventually he was fired and Trump supported his opponent, newly-elected Tommy Tuberville, in the Republican senatorial primary.

Via Matt Gaetz Twiter

William Barr was hand selected by Trump to do his bidding. For the most part, Barr acted in Trump’s best interests. But the current AG engaged the president by refusing to begin an investigation into Joe Biden right before the election. Barr is soon to depart and will be replaced in the interim by Jeff Rosen.

While Matt Gaetz is relatively young for a congressman, he has a national profile. And he’s mostly developed that profile with his constant and unwavering support for Trump. Over the weekend, Gaetz campaigned to become Trump’s next Attorney General, either in 2021 or 2025.

The Florida congressman made the comments during this weekend’s Turning Point USA conference. He told attendees, “And so I figure, in the next term of Donald Trump, whether that’s in 2021 or 2025, maybe he ought to pick me to be the Attorney General. And for whatever reason he doesn’t run, maybe I ought to pick the Attorney General, I would go easy on marijuana, tough on Big Tech, and I would go after the ‘deep state.'”

Watch the entire speech here via NTD Live:


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