WATCH: Matt Gaetz Says Dems Are Clear Winner in Debt Ceiling Fight

Kevin McCarthy had to endure several humiliating votes to become the Speaker of the House. Matt Gaetz had a lot to do with that. The Florida Congressman repeatedly pushed against the California Rep. before finally relenting and giving McCarthy his vote. 

The week, the Speaker and Joe Biden were able to push their debt ceiling bill through the House on a bi-partisan vote. Gaetz was back to slamming McCarthy during an appearance on Newsmax last night. 

The Florida lawmaker told Newsmax's Rob Schmitt:

"I would suggest that this legislation might actually be worse than a clean debt limit increase, because if you lash the permitting reform that establishment Republicans are championing to the Green New Deal tax credits that now Joe Biden gets to cement in and extend for years, that actually what you're going to be accelerating, permitting on more wind farms, more solar, and that is going to distort the energy market more and make the problems worse that people sent us here to solve."

Gaetz continued:

"That's how the Democrats have iced in the terrible policy choices of Joe Biden and the two principal dynamics happening right now around this bill, Democrats are moving toward it, and Republicans are moving away from it. That's because so many of the claims are illusions, like the work requirements claim. We just got an analysis fact from the Congressional Budget Office that after this bill passes, an additional 74,000 people every month will be eligible and enrolling in the SNAP program."