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WATCH: Matt Gaetz Looks Stressed As Tucker Carlson Calls For Proof Of Sex Crime Allegations

WATCH: Matt Gaetz Looks Stressed As Tucker Carlson Calls For Proof Of Sex Crime Allegations

It’s been a while since Matt Gaetz and Tucker Carlson discussed the sex crime allegations leveled at Gaetz, but their Wednesday evening reunion didn’t go much better than the last round. This time, though, it’s Gaetz who appeared to be uncomfortable.

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As Vox reported at the time, Gaetz appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show one year ago, when the allegations against him were newly public, and handled himself so poorly that even Carlson described it afterward as “one of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever conducted.” He tried to defend himself by bringing up additional allegations that were not, at that time, public knowledge — specifically, that there were photos of him with child prostitutes, which he vigorously denied. He also brought his interviewer into the scandal, trying to tell a story about the time that Carlson joined Gaetz for dinner, along with a woman who Gaetz connects to the scandal — leading Carlson to frantic denials of his own. He even brought of an allegation of sexual misconduct against Carlson, which the latter also quickly shuts down.

If Gaetz is half as uncomfortable as he appears in the following clip, Carlson got his revenge.

On the surface, Carlson is defending Gaetz, saying that he shouldn’t be “silenced” over unproven allegations. However, he also digs in deeply and actually calls for the Department of Justice to come forward with proof if they can — and Gaetz is tight-lipped and tense throughout.

Later, Gaetz responds to Carlson’s question about whether he expects to be charged, pointing a finger at his friend and colleague Joel Greenberg and implying that the charges against Greenberg are somehow indicative of Gaetz’s own innocence.

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However, the truth is, as previously reported, that Greenberg is reportedly cooperating with prosecutors, even getting a delay in sentencing to facilitate bringing more information, and is expected to spill on any and all co-conspirators — so his charges do not, by any means, suggest that he’s the only guilty party.

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