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WATCH: Matt Gaetz Lays Out Plan To Restore Trump To Power

WATCH: Matt Gaetz Lays Out Plan To Restore Trump To Power

Donald Trump is reportedly still demanding that his supporters and sycophants in Congress restore him to the presidency. One, Mo Brooks (only after losing Trump’s endorsement), has publicly stated that he refused to do so in the way the ex-president wanted. Meanwhile, another is publicly laying out exactly how he’d like to grant the Republican leader’s wish.

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Though Brooks (R-AL) said that Trump wanted to be returned to power through a redo of the 2020 election, and says he’s explained to Trump that it cannot Constitutionally be done, Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has laid out a plan that he says can be carried out under U.S. law, if Republicans can take control of both House and Senate.

Republicans have been floating the idea for a while: take the House, and nominate Trump as Speaker, placing him third in line of succession for the presidency. Then simply impeach President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, and Trump becomes the leader of the nation — again. Democrats have even tried to pass bills to prevent it.

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In the clip above, you can hear Gaetz declare his plan, promising to nominate Trump for Speaker of the House if the GOP takes control at the midterm elections, and to impeach President Joe Biden.

Fortunately, it’s not quite as simple as that — the Senate requires a 2/3 majority to convict an impeached President,so while simply impeaching Biden could be done with a mere majority of the House, conviction and removal would require a significant shift in the makeup of the Senate.

Currently, the Senate is split with 50 Republican members, and 50 relatively reliable Democrat votes (two are registered Independent). According to Ballotpedia, of the 33 seats up for election in 2022, only 14 are currently held by Dems — so even if the GOP didn’t lose a single seat, and won every Senate election, they’d still be a bit shy of holding the 2/3 majority necessary to convict and remove without at least a little bipartisan support.

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