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WATCH: Matt Gaetz Has Embarrassing Meltdown, Attacking Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

WATCH: Matt Gaetz Has Embarrassing Meltdown, Attacking Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

Yet another Congressional hearing has been marred by an elected official who doesn’t know how to stop speaking and listen, without speaking over someone’s response, or how to pursue questions in a civil manner without personal attacks, or how to focus on the matter at hand instead of pursuing a personal political agenda and trying to star in a “gotcha” clip to be aired on his social media and conservative television.

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Would it surprise you to know that, in this round, the elected official in question is Congressman Matt Gaetz? Anybody? No?

Secretary Lloyd Austin appeared before Congress to discuss the year’s military budget, answering questions about the work the U.S. Department of Defense does and the costs incurred. However, Gaetz wanted a different conversation — one about how what he calls “wokeism” is destroying the military.

Watch him attack the military for being “behind” China with regard to hypersonic weapons (Axios reports that the U.S. was surprised by China testing similar weapons last year, but that the Air Force has completed a test of hypersonic ballistics quite recently), but when Secretary Austin doesn’t take it, and speaks up, Gaetz loses it.

He goes off on Austin, insisting that U.S. military intelligence keeps having “blown calls” — such as with predictions of how fast Russia would overtake Ukraine, and when Austin tries to explain the value of American assistance, Gaetz quickly pivots to a rambling series of accusations of ‘wokeism’ and complaints about anti-racist education and inclusiveness in the military.

He declares himself embarrassed by Secretary Austin’s leadership — but is Matt Gaetz even capable of being embarrassed, or does he not see his own behavior in Congress?

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