WATCH: Matt Gaetz Explains How GOP Could Lose House Majority in Coming Months

This week, embattled Republican congressman George Santos was expelled from Congress. It was a long-time coming. The New York Rep. had clearly misrepresented himself on the campaign trail. 

Many Republican congresspeople agreed that Santos wasn't fit for office. 105 GOP Reps. voted to expel him. Matt Gaetz wasn't one of those Reps. During a recent appearance on Charlie Kirk's show, the Florida Congressman blasted the move and explained how Republicans could soon end losing the House Majority. 

Gaetz told Kirk:

"Our willingness to self-mutilate on these things really impairs our ability to get the job done. So, let's do the math here. We have a four-vote majority, right? Now we've kicked out George Santos, we have a three-vote majority. Congressman Bill Johnson of Ohio has taken a college university presidency. That could knock us down to two. And I don't think Kevin McCarthy sticking around long. Every image of his office shows him packing things up in boxes."

The Florida lawmaker continued, "So, we'd be down to a one-seat majority. We've got a bunch of these octogenarians in our conference, who if God forbid, any of them were to cross the rainbow bridge, we would be in a situation where we could potentially lose the majority because we were so eager to throw George Santos out before even being convicted. It is not in accordance to precedence."