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(Watch) Matt Damon Plays Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday Night Live and he Nails it

(Watch) Matt Damon Plays Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday Night Live and he Nails it

Kicking off its 44th season last night, the cast of Saturday Night Live welcomed Matt Damon to the set as they re-enacted Thurday’s Kavanaugh-Ford hearing, sans Christine Blasey Ford.

The skit, set within the Senate hearing room, begins with Kavanaugh (Damon) sitting down and angrily yelling “WHAT!” to the Senate Judiciary Panel, made up Senators Chuck Grassley (Alex Moffat),Amy Klobuchar (Rachel Dratch), Thom Tillis (Mikey Day), Diane Feinstein (Cecily Strong), Lindsey Graham (Kate McKinnon), Cory Booker (Chris Redd), John Kennedy (Kyle Mooney), and Sheldon Whitehouse (Pete Davidson), as well as “female” prosecutor Rachel Mitchell (Aidy Bryant).  A cardboard cut-out of Alyssa Milano even made an appearance a couple of times.

Damon’s proceeds to angrily yells, “I’m gonna start at an 11, I’ma take it to about a 15 real quick,” before he continues, “First of all I showed this speech to almost no one — not my family, not my friends, not even P.J. or Tobin, or Squee.  This is my speech. There are others like it, but this is mine!  I wrote it myself last night while screaming into an empty bag of Doritos.”

The script really hits the nail on the head, in focusing on some of the odd quirks that Kavanaugh displayed as well as some of his bizarre answers which seemed, in the eyes of many viewers, to re-define certain terminology in order to better fit Kavanaugh’s own narrative.

The show mocks Kavanaugh’s emotions when talking about his own calendar, as well has his outburts of anger.  The skit closes out with Kavanugh’s character “shotgunning” a beer.

You can watch the entire skit below:


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