WATCH: Maryland’s Republican Gov. Rebuts Trump, Says There is Still Tremendous Need For Medical Supplies

While the bluest states like California and New York have been hit hardest by COVID-19, that doesn’t mean that states led by Republicans haven’t been troubled as well. And while places like Florida and Mississippi have been criticized for their response, the reaction of Ohio and Maryland have been lauded.

Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Larry Hogan is the GOP governor of Maryland and has high approval ranking among both Republicans and Demcocrats. And he also hasn’t been afraid to stand up against the Trump administration. He did so again on Sunday when he told ABC that despite what the President says, the state is desperate for supplies.

On Friday, Trump told reporters that he wasn’t receiving “any calls” from governors in regards to PPE. He later amended that statement to “a few calls.”

When asked about that statement, Hogan replied, “Well, I get calls every day.”

The Maryland governor continued, “I’d hate to say that everybody’s completely happy and that we have everything we need. Everybody still has tremendous needs on personal protective equipment and ventilators and all of these things that you keep hearing about. Everybody’s fighting to find these things all over the nation and all over the world.”

Watch a clip of Hogan’s comments below:




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