[WATCH] Mary Trump: My Uncle is “Willingly Getting People Sick”

Mary Trump, the niece of Donald Trump who’s become a champion for the left ever since the release of her record-shattering memoir “Too Much and Never Enough”, is fully blaming her uncle for the more than 210,000 American deaths from coronavirus. Not only is he responsible, she says in a new interview, but he is “willingly getting people sick”.

Trump tells Democracy Now her uncle, who was raised to believe being sick was a “weakness”, received world-class medical care during his brief hospitalization at Walter Reed Hospital that average Americans couldn’t afford. “I think it’s very important to remember that this man, who is directly at this point responsible for the death of over 210,000 people and this illness of who knows how many millions, received — is receiving world-class healthcare in world-class medical facilities, provided to him by a system he does not pay into,” Mary Trump tells interviewer Amy Goodman. “So there’s that. Ninety-nine percent of Americans do not receive such care.”

Mary Trump has been an openly vocal and very public critic of her uncle’s tenure in the White House, supplying audiotapes of conversations she had with his sister, her aunt Maryann Trump Barry, to further cement the veracity of her book’s content.

In this newest interview, the best-selling author and clinical psychologist speaks to the pathology behind Trump’s intentions to spread the coronavirus as much as possible. “We need to be very clear: Donald doesn’t care about anybody else. His children don’t care about anybody else. You know, I guess they’re just entitled people who think that they are immune and above it all,” she says in response to a question regarding the Trump family not wearing masks at the first Presidential Debate.

Watch the full interview with Mary Trump, below, with the full transcript available here.

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