WATCH: Mary Trump Explains Why Her Uncle Won’t Run Again in 2024

Whether he actually likes the job or not, Donald Trump loves to campaign to be president. And his lifeblood is political rallies. He held events during his presidency, far outside election season. And just a day or so after his first negative COVID-19 test, he was back on the road again.

Trump can't prevent niece's book publication
Photo by Erin Schaff-Pool/Getty Images

So it’s no surprise that Trump is dropping hints that he may again run for president in 2024. His niece, Mary, isn’t buying the idea, though. According to her, the Trump would never subject himself to another loss like the one he suffered in 2020.

The psychologist made the comments during an appearance on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show. She told the host, “No. First of all, and I know he’s said that he would and that’s weird because that’s conceding the loss now, but I think that was floated initially as a way to appease him and his ego, but he will never put himself in a position where he can lose like this again.”

“Secondly,” she continued, “it would mean that for four years, he is playing essentially a supporting role, which will be very difficult for him to sustain.”

Mary Trump also said health would have a great deal to do with her Uncle’s future. “And most importantly, in four years, he will be the same age Joe Biden is now. However, Donald is a very unhealthy person — he has a terrible diet, he doesn’t exercise, he has psychological disorders that continue to go untreated, so I don’t even imagine that he’ll even be able to run in four years.”

Watch a video of the comments below, courtesy of CNN:

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