WATCH: Martha McSally Flubs While Trying to Blame Young People for COVID-19 Crisis

Martha McSally is, perhaps, the Republican senator in most danger of losing her seat in 2020. She lost her 2018 senate bid to Kyrsten Sinema, only to be appointed to a senate seat after the retirement of Jon Kyl. Most polls show her trailing in her 2020 race against former astronaut Mark Kelly.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The vulnerable Arizona lawmaker appeared on Fox News Wednesday morning in an attempt to warn people about the Coronavirus. Her comments went viral, though, after she referred to asymptomatic people as asymmetric.

McSally was making a plea to young people to stay home. She told Fox News, ““I am begging them, their grandparents saved the world from tyranny, the greatest generation is at risk right now. It is my generation’s responsibility and the younger generation’s responsibility to listen, to stay home, to stay away from other people.”

The senator continued, “Asymmetric people are spreading this virus,” McSally said. “If they keep spreading it fast, the nursing home workers, nurses and doctors are going to get it, and it could overwhelm our health care industry. America is amazing but we need to do our part. Do your part, young people, stay home, stay away from people and let’s save the greatest generation.”

Watch a clip of the interview below, courtesy of Fox News:

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