WATCH: Martha McSally Dodges Question — Can’t Say She’s Proud To Support Donald Trump

During a debate against her Democratic challenger for U.S. Senate, incumbent Martha McSally was asked if she’s proud to support Donald Trump. She was unable to answer the question.

Martha McSally won't say she's proud to support Trump
[Photo by ROB SCHUMACHER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images]

As reported by Political Tribune, Martha McSally was already in trouble in her race to continue representing Arizona in the U.S. Senate, before she entered a formal debate against her challenger, Mark Kelly. By all accounts, the debate did not improve things for her. At one point during the event, she was asked if she is proud to support President Donald Trump. In the clip below, you can hear her changing the subject, saying that her opponent will raise taxes. The moderator attempts to bring her back in line, reminding her that she was asked about supporting the president. She continues to dodge the question, instead saying, “I’m proud to be fighting for Arizona.”

When pressed further, she says, “You look at the legislation we’ve put on his desk. It’s to cut Arizona taxes.” Even when the moderator says that he’s interpreting this as McSally being proud of her support for Trump, she speaks over him to again redirect and complain about Bernie Sanders (who is not currently the president and dropped out of the presidential race months ago).

The two most recent polls on FiveThirtyEight show Kelly leading McSally by 6 and 8 points, respectively.

McSally’s campaign has released a statement declaring her the winner of the debate, and touting Barry Goldwater Jr.’s endorsement of her, in which he asserts that Mark Kelly is tied to China and has a “radical Democrat agenda” that would “destroy everything we hold dear.”

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