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WATCH: Mark Levin Claims Jan 6 Wasn’t An Insurrection, Since Mike Pence Wasn’t Arrested

WATCH: Mark Levin Claims Jan 6 Wasn’t An Insurrection, Since Mike Pence Wasn’t Arrested

In advance of the attack on the Capitol, and other efforts to prevent the confirmation of the 2020 electoral vote, Donald Trump received a lot of suggestions and ideas about exactly what other methods he could use to alter the outcome of the election he’d lost. Testimony and evidence have indicated that these were winnowed down to several methods the then-president may have found most feasible or appealing. One conservative commentator seems to think this is evidence in Trump’s favor.

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Count Mark Levin among the right-wing media figures who are really unhappy about the January 6th Committee’s ongoing investigation and revelations. He also claims to believe that the descriptions are biased and overblown — particularly objecting to descriptions of the mass of election schemes as an “insurrection.”

Levin argues that it wasn’t an insurrection, and the evidence, he says, is that Trump did not employ all of the insurrection methods proposed to him, or have Mike Pence, his vice-president, arrested to prevent him from fulfilling his role in confirming the electoral vote.

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“If Donald Trump were seriously interested in an insurrection, he would have issued a video. And his video wouldn’t have said what it said. His video would have been a call to arms…He would have called everybody who could hear his voice to come to the Capitol armed…He would have called out the United States military, whether they would respond or not, to come to the Capitol Building, encircle it, and arrest the Vice President, and arrest other officials, members of Congress. That’s an insurrection. He would have declared martial law. That’s an insurrection. He didn’t do any of those things…He didn’t send out the military to get voting machines…He didn’t send out the Department of Homeland Security to get drop boxes…He didn’t do any of it!”

Notably, Levin does not list the things Trump and allies did do, including contacting at least one Secretary of State to ask him to “find” votes to flip the outcome, riling up a mob he knew was armed and pointing them in the direction of the Capitol Building, the fake elector plot, the off-site weapons cache,and of course, Trump’s reluctance to eventually issue the video he mentions.

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