[WATCH] Mark Hamill Endorses Joe Biden After Enduring Trump Clips

Mark Hamill has been a hero to millions for decades, thanks to the legacy of a series of movies he made set in space where they had a lot of wars among the stars. He’s also the voice behind The Joker in the animated Batman series that began in the 1990s, and his performance is considered to be the standard for the character. Hamill was not known for his politics prior to the 2016 election but has since emerged as a powerful voice against Donald Trump, particularly on Twitter, where he has a very respectable following of just over 4 million. Hamill’s simple and wry observations often provide a different angle to the day’s news, and a new ad he’s done for Joe Biden is now circulating where he makes it very clear whom he supports in the 2020 election.

Hamill sits and watches clips of Trump, responding not just with empty insults, but providing the facts that constantly need to be checked every time Trump speaks. He may act in science fiction films, but Hamill knows more about the real science regarding the coronavirus than the person Trump appointed to head the Coronavirus Task Force–his Vice President, Mike Pence.

Aside from sharing his own ad on Wednesday, Hamill also generously shared one from Republican voters against Trump. when it comes to giving others the same kind of spotlight.


Joe Biden tweeted his thanks to the actor, saying he hopes the Force is with us this election season. Watch for one of the best moments, when Hamill rolls his eyes and says Trump isn’t “qualified to be President of the PTA”.


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