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WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants The Film Industry Out Of Georgia

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants The Film Industry Out Of Georgia

Conservatives and Hollywood can sometimes display a somewhat contentious relationship. Media, including tv and movies, keeps getting more inclusive and representative, though critics say it still has a long way to go. However, there’s another issue at hand: the industry brings a lot of money with it wherever it goes.

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In Georgia, for instance, the Department of Economic Development reports that the state had a record-breaking year in fiscal year 2021, with the film industry spending $4 billion on productions in the state. The Department quotes Governor Brian Kemp boasting that this follows Georgia being the “first state in the country to re-open our economy and worked with film productions across the state to ensure they could safely continue operations.”

Still, in the mind of Marjorie Taylor Greene, the industry does more harm than good, and she’d like to kick them out of the state entirely. The clip below was obtained by PatriotTakes.

“Let me tell you, Georgia is the economic hub of the south. Our port in Savannah is, I think the third largest port in the United States…we’re centrally located and I think Georgia needs to be protected from China. We also need to do a good job, and I’m perfectly fine with kicking Hollywood out. I don’t think we should have invited those people here to begin with.”

Greene and some of her fans might be okay with that, but the Georgians who rely on the movie industry for their employment and income may feel differently. By the way, haven’t conservatives just spent two years complaining about shutting down business and leaving folks jobless?

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