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WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She’d Kick Chinese People Out Of U.S. Over COVID-19

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She’d Kick Chinese People Out Of U.S. Over COVID-19

What would Marjorie Taylor Greene do if she was in charge? She says she’d kick Chinese people out of the United States because COVID-19 has been killing people here for the past year.

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Is it cognitive dissonance? After all, Greene has been railing against all the measures put in place to limit the damage COVID-19 does in the United States, complaining about masks, gym closures, and vaccines, and steadily insisting that healthy people aren’t in any real danger. See, for example, the tweet below from earlier this week, when she declared that the virus isn’t dangerous to anyone under 65 who isn’t “obese.”

Still, she doesn’t mind blaming Chinese people, very broadly, for those deaths. In the video below, she tells Steve Bannon on his War Room podcast that if she was in charge, she’d kick any Chinese people who are “loyal to the CCP” out of the United States.

“I would come down on China so hard…I would kick out every single Chinese [sic] in this country that is loyal to the CCP. They would be gone.”

Of course, it’s not clear what criteria would be used to define someone as “loyal to the CCP,” or whether Greene is including American citizens of Chinese descent in her hypothetical plan. There is a long human history of assigning an ideology to an entire race or ethnic background in order to justify discrimination, though, and using “Chinese” as a noun rather than an adjective — that is, saying “every single Chinese” rather than “every single Chinese person” seems to give a clue.

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In a separate clip, this one from CSPAN and posted by Greene herself, she gave a similar promise: if she was in charge, she wouldn’t allow people “loyal to the CCP” to be involved with colleges and universities, receive student VISAs, or operate businesses in the U.S.

Again, she doesn’t say how she’d define people “loyal to the CCP” but does also speak in broad generalizations: “If America, if our government, if all of us together don’t get serious about who China is and what their goals are, then we’re the fools.”

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