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WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Congress Confuses Her Because Of All The Communism

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Congress Confuses Her Because Of All The Communism

Marjorie Taylor Greene is finally discussing the difficulties she’s having in adjusting to a job in Congress. However, instead of crediting her belief in conspiracy theories and refusal to follow protocols in the House, she’s placing the blame on the culture of D.C., which she insists is communism.

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In fact, as seen in the clip below, Greene is calling the nation’s Capital the “District of Communism,” and has renamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “Speaker Mask-Face,” as a reference to Pelosi’s support of policies that require masking in House Chambers. It’s the same rule that’s costing Greene a significant percentage of her Congressional salary, because she is being fined regularly for refusing to wear a face-covering.

“Speaker Mask-Face uses a gavel and says the bill has passed! Well, I’m sitting there more confused than anything, because Congress is really weird. The swamp was strange. People spoke crazy languages like Communism…”

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Greene has expressed frustration with the House using a “voice vote,” in which individual votes aren’t counted. She prefers a roll call vote, where each member’s individual vote is recorded, though her colleagues — yes, including Republicans — have expressed annoyance with this, which can make even the simplest procedural matter into a drawn-out process.

According to Newsweek, Greene has boasted that this habit makes her “relevant” in Congress, following being stripped of all her Committee assignments over her bad behavior, including promoting racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. She says that by forcing roll call votes, she’s able to prevent Congress from passing legislation.

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