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WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends Mass Shooters (As Long As They’re White Supremacists)

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends Mass Shooters (As Long As They’re White Supremacists)

The nation is reeling, again, over another mass shooting. This time it took place in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. As after every such tragedy, politicians and public figures are weighing in, with one group offering suggestions for policy changes that could prevent the next such massacre, and another offering thoughts and prayers.

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However, let’s not forget what our elected representatives were saying before this latest shooting. Only days before Robb Elementary School became the site of another chapter in America’s true horror story, Marjorie Taylor Greene was declaring that the nation needed to change its focus to murders that don’t involve white supremacy.

Here’s Greene after the Uvalde shooting, calling for prayers and mental health care, blaming medications, and declaring that gun control measures won’t help.

Then, here’s Greene on a right-wing news program on Saturday, defending mass shooters — as long as they’re white supremacists.

“…totally ignoring the shooting in California that I think involved an Asian man that was the shooter, totally ignoring the Black man that drove his car through a Christmas parade…completely ignoring the Black man that did the New York subway shooting…white supremacy shouldn’t be the main target.”

So to recap, after a mass shooting centered on race, Greene doesn’t want legislators to focus on white supremacy. After another mass shooting in an elementary school, she doesn’t want a conversation to even begin about gun control. However, she’s happy to blame medications, and the lack of forced Christian prayers in schools.

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