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WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Declares GOP “Party Of Christian Nationalism”

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Declares GOP “Party Of Christian Nationalism”

Marjorie Taylor Greene, along with a handful of other right-wing extremists who joined Congress with the 2020 elections, brings to the job an unusual set of skills, the predominant one being the ability and willingness to say the quiet part out loud. That would explain why she has no qualms about declaring her party and herself in support of Christian Nationalism.

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It’s not a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention that there is a subset of Americans — and thus, a subset of voters, and of politicians — who believe that the promise of religious freedom in the U.S. Constitution carries an unspoken clause making that freedom apply to Christians alone. Still, it’s always a little stunning when someone in a position of power actually declares that “unspoken” part aloud.

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“I believe that Republicans need to prove to the American people that we are the party of American nationalism. Christian nationalism. I’m a Christian, I have no problem saying I’m a Christian nationalist, and I think that’s an identity that we need to embrace, because those are the policies that serve every single American, no matter how they vote.”

People who are being denied access to abortion care, and those who are wondering if their marriages will be safe if the Supreme Court decides to re-examine the Obergefell decision, and those who worry that Christian beliefs will be pressed on their non-Christian kids in the public school system, among others, would probably beg to differ.

In fact, so would pretty much anyone who actually believes in the wall of separation between church and state that’s enshrined in he First Amendement.

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