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WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims It’s Worse To Be Called A Racist Than A Terrorist

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims It’s Worse To Be Called A Racist Than A Terrorist

Marjorie Taylor Greene is really upset about the fact that her friend and colleague, Lauren Boebert, is taking heat for a racist attack on another colleague, Ilhan Omar. She says that nobody should care how nasty that attack was, because in her view, others have hit her and Boebert with far harsher insults.

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Boebert is still feeling the echoes of repercussions from a video released last week in which she attacked Omar, telling a made-up anecdote depicting Omar — a Muslim woman who came to the U.S. as Somali refugee as a young child — as a terrorist who might deploy explosives in the Capital. Compounding the incident, she offered half-hearted apologies, which she continued to undermine through her own behaviors.

Now Greene suggests that it’s not fair that Boebert is facing the consequences of her actions, because she says that she’s been called worse things — such as a white supremacist.

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“No big deal. No one cares. These people say worse things about us. They call us all kinds of names, they call us white supremacists, they call us racists, they call us insurrectionists, and those are nasty words, that none of us are! None of us are those things!”

It’s true that Greene has been called out on racism and support of white supremacy many times, including for previous attacks on Omar. It’s also true that she and Boebert have been questioned about their support of the attack on Congress in January, particularly Boebert, who tweeted information about the location of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the attack.

Of course, if she’s going to continue with racist attacks, and defending categorizing a Muslim Member of Congress as a potential terrorist, she can probably expect to continue being called out for racism.

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