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WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Battling Islamophobia Will Hurt Rape Victims

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Battling Islamophobia Will Hurt Rape Victims

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been called out more than once for bigoted statements, including antisemitic and Islamophobic rhetoric among others. Now she’s claiming, on the House Floor, no less, that combatting Islamophobia would harm rape victims — seeming to imply a link between Muslim men and rape.

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Greene is responding to a bill that would monitor and combat Islamophobia globally. According to the Washingtop=n Post, the measure would have the State Department set up an office and special envoy, and would record incidences such as defacements of mosques, and any violence or harassment targeting Muslims.

If, however, one chooses to believe Marjorie Taylor Greene instead, then the bill would be a safe haven for rapists, since victims would be under attack for reporting that a rapist was Muslim. This, of course, has absolutely no basis in fact, and Greene does not even pretend to offer any actual data supporting the outlandish, and frankly, racist, claim.

“If women are raped by Muslims in no-go zones and they want to file charges against them, is our State Department going to be monitoring those trials?” asks Greene, who has spent most of 2021 complaining that Trump supporters who attacked the U.S. Capitol Building and threatened the lives of legislators are actually just victims of political persecution.

In a series of tweets, she further claimed that the legislation might allow the State Department to “declare Jihad on any foreign country that does not submit to Islam” and assured her followers that there’s nothing irrational in fearing Islam and its adherents.

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“This is Ilhan Omar’s latest effort to force the entire world to submit to Islam,” she asserted, naming the Member of Congress that she has already attacked repeatedly.

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