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WATCH: Marjorie Greene Invokes Press Secretary’s Wife To Trash White House Formula Shortage Efforts

WATCH: Marjorie Greene Invokes Press Secretary’s Wife To Trash White House Formula Shortage Efforts

When you’re looking for baby formula, and what your child needs isn’t available, hearing that the government is working on the problem doesn’t necessarily provide a lot of comfort, and it certainly doesn’t fill your baby’s belly right now, today, while you’re dealing with the crisis on a personal level. However, in case it’s not clear to anyone else besides Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, neither the crisis nor the work for solutions has anything at all to do with the sexuality of the White House Press Secretary.

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On her podcast, Greene played a clip of Karine Jean-Pierre at a press conference. Answering a question about the formula shortage, Jean-Pierre cites efforts of the Biden Administration to fill the gaps by getting imported formula approved through the FDA, and notes that it’s necessary to make sure the formula is safe. (Recall that the reason the shortage began was that a factory was temporarily closed after babies died.)

Greene isn’t having it. Grasping for a reason to disbelieve that the Administration is working on the problem, she takes aim at Jean-Pierre’s marriage.

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“She claims they’re doing the work every day and it doesn’t stop. Korine claims that they care about families and babies. Korine claims that she understands, but she doesn’t have children, and I think she’s married to a woman, so obviously, she really doesn’t understand. I don’t know if they even have children.”

Aside from the glaring contradiction in which Greene shifts from telling her audience that Jean-Pierre doesn’t have children, to admitting that she has no idea, it’s one more round of a conservative announcing that they don’t believe members of the LGBTQ community can understand parenthood, or that people can care about — and work to assuage — suffering that isn’t their own.

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