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WATCH: Marjorie Greene Derides Military Service As “Throwing Your Life Away”

WATCH: Marjorie Greene Derides Military Service As “Throwing Your Life Away”

There aren’t many official requirements to run for Congress. A candidate has to be at least 25, have been a citizen for at least 7 years, and be a legal resident of the state in which they’re running. However, the more that we witness the antics of a few of the newest members, the more it seems like one unofficial requirement should be the ability to stop talking, at least once in a while.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene can’t seem to stop speaking her mind, on stage, on the sidewalk in front of various government buildings, and on her social media, and while it’s well within her First Amendment rights, considering what she has to say, it may not be in her best interest politically. Anyone who spouts conspiracy theories about Jewish space lasers, insists that “real Americans” don’t care about Ukraine, and insists that the Capitol Police should investigate a stand-up comic making a joke about her might want to consider that her own words could end up in her opponent’s political ads, but it was her views on the military that Greene’s challenger for her Congressional seat deployed instead.

Davis, a Democrat, is running to unseat Greene, and when she shared Greene’s attack on the military — in which the current Congresswoman describes military service as “throwing your life away” — the response was instant and immense.

“Not my son,” Greene says, “And I know a lot of young people don’t want to have anything to do with that. It’s like throwing your life away.”

Greene and her partner-in-Congress Matt Gaetz have been attacking the military for what they claim is “going woke,” which is how they refer to the U.S. armed forces accepting people of different backgrounds, genders, and sexualities, and teaching inclusiveness and respect to all military members.

Still, going so far as to suggest that young adults shouldn’t want to join the military, shouldn’t want to participate in defending the United States, is extreme for a Member of Congress — and an effective campaign ad for her opponent.

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